May 15, 2009

Earn More with Pay per Click Programs

By: ingrid sure

A common mistake most people do is continuing with their free registrations without upgrading their accounts. Most online advertising websites offer paid memberships. If you study the features associated with an upgraded paid account, you will realize how beneficial this will prove for you in the long term. With a paid membership you will have to pay a tiny monthly fee, but in return you can immediately start getting more work and better commissions on your work. It’s like multiplying your earnings. If you are earning steadily with your current pay per click program then you might want to try out the paid membership as well.

The other very important issue that often gets ignored is getting referrals. Let’s be practical. My current pay per click program offers not more than 20 ‘paid to visit’ websites every day. For opening and viewing these 20 websites, if I am getting 0.002 cents per each hit, then it doesn’t seem probable that I can even afford my internet monthly subscription on this. However, I regularly record earnings many times over and this is only possible due to the referral earnings I get.
Getting as many referrals as possible is the single most important thing that will determine your monthly earnings. All sites that offer pay per click programs will provide you with a referral link. The first thing to do is promote your link to as many people as possible, anyone from friends to family or people you know. When these people referred by you sign up, you immediately get a certain amount of percentage on whatever these referrals earn themselves. Supposing you have successfully referred around thirty people, then it’s not hard to see how many times over you can immediately extrapolate your earnings. There seems no limit to the number of referrals you can create. The more referrals you create, the more traffic and members you drive to your pay per click program. Very simply put, this is a win-win situation for you and the online advertising website.
So you have signed up now and are actively referring members? That’s just the first step. If you are seriously looking at making your earning through the internet look sizeable and automatic, the other thing you will now need to do is sign up with as many ‘pay per click’ or ‘get paid to click ads’ programs. Doing this, needless to say, you will also need to work towards sending and signing up as many referrals as possible on all the ‘pay per click’ programs you are registered with. In a way, this is all about making a formula work, and then multiplying it as much as you can, and yes, your earnings along with.

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