May 15, 2009

Best Paid To Click Sites

By: Robert Thomson

Paid to click sites are sites that pay you to look at advertising pages. You simply view the page for a set amount of time (typically 30 seconds or less) and then look at the next one. There are many ptc sites that pay as low as a quarter of a cent per view and ptc sites that pay up to two cents per click. As a free member you also get paid when one of your referrals clicks the ads. Get a lot of referrals, make a lot of cash it is that simple. And yet there are complexities to the PTC business model that you should understand too.

One thing that some paid to click sites are doing is operating as a ponzi sceme or operating under a certain percentage of ponzi. What does that mean? Basically it means they are paying out more per click than the advertisers are paying per click for the ad. This means they do not have enough money to pay everyone unless they find another source of revenue. So they sell upgrade memberships and referrals to obtain the extra cash needed to keep the site alive. But eventually this catches up with them and members are waiting four months for their five dollar payment that the site owes them. Then finally it collapses. A good rule of thumb is stay away from ptc sites that pay anything in excess of one cent per click. PTC sites that pay fifty percent referral clicks are the most reliable and have faster payouts.

Advertisers like the PTC sites because the visitors are real, unique page views by real people. And they know that the people looking at the ads are people who want to make money online. Advertising on the best ptc sites is much cheaper than some of the other types of online advertising out there.

There are a lot of ptc sites out there that claim to pay up to three cents per click. These ptc sites are set up with a plan to cut and run. They will pay a couple of users while they can, sell as many upgrades and referrals as they can and then start stalling on payouts. They defend themselves in their forum for a while and when it gets real bad they claim the site needs to switch to a upgraded server and they take the site offline for this server switch. Then a week or so later (when the admin has some money built up) they are back online braging themselves up for having a faster server now. All they did by switching servers was avoid some spam complaints and stall for new money to pay you with that they get from outside sources. But soon that trick is not enough and they suddenly leave the internet as quickly as they came.
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