May 15, 2009

SEO Press Formula -Learn SEO Step-By-Step Using WordPress Format

By: Julie Horton

Are you tired of online scammers trying to convince you with a phony method to earning thousands of dollar bills by building a website? If so, the SEO Press Formula will be a breath of fresh air to teach you how to make money.

Combining cutting edge strategies, marketing skills plus SEO optimized Wordpress themes; the SEO Press Formula will show you how to get lots of free, targeted traffic to your website through tested search engine optimization.
SEO Press Formula reveals how to promote your website using a thorough, methodical formula that shows you how to start making money online. You can earn while you learn and follow a specific formula which can propel you from newbie marketer to successful entrepreneur! The proven method builds on each lesson so that you are never overwhelmed and always learning something new.

This is not just another Wordpress course. You will learn how to build sites using the Wordpress platform. Many of the best web designers are now building websites and visitors cannot tell it is built with Wordpress

The Money Making Formula has allowed creator, Brian G. Johnson, to successfully:
* Quit His Dead-end job and make up to $10,000+ per month
* Get thousands of free targeted visitors
* Use an exact formula for building traffic
* Attract visitors that become buyers

When you purchase, SEO Press Formula, you will get a 71 page PDF ebook, 29 videos that teach you the whole process. You will learn:
* Wordpress Links Trust Rank
* Editing Wordpress themes
* Best practices for posting blog content
* Proper way to integrate Adsense for maximum ROI
* Plug-in recommendations
* Using Google Research for profitable keywords
And much more....
A comprehensive course, even a experienced WordPress designer, will find some golden nuggets in the SEO Press Formula to improve your websites and get more targeted traffic.
The SEO Press Formula e-book thoroughly explores a wide variety of topics that go beyond simple website creation. Learn exactly how in how to discover profitable niches, learn how to builda list of guaranteed profitable words that will make you more money in minutes.
SEO Press Formula will take you from newbie to expert. Begin today and in no time you will own valuable real estate on the web.

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Julie Horton is designer and entreprenuer. To learn more about SEO Press Formula and to get great bonus gifts, please visit SEO Press Formula for more information.

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