May 03, 2009

How to Generate Visitors for a Site

By: Dennis Dornon
1. Yahoo Answers. Here’s the most excellent way to generate instant traffic to your website. If you have a Yahoo account, you’re right to go. If you don’t, well, it’ll need a minute or two to produce one. Log on to and look for open questions about the topic that is the center of your website.

You can utilize the built-in search function. Once you find an open inquiry, reply the same to the best of your faculties and leave your website’s link in the field where your source is asked for. Perform this with as many appropriate open queries that you can see. This method will work in two means.

First, it will create immediate traffic to your page because in a matter of 2 years, Yahoo Answers has become one of the web’s principal authority pages.

Second, you will be able to create indirect traffic because Yahoo Answers’ pages are picked up by search engines in a matter of hours, and if your URL’s there, your page will be indexed just as efficiently well.
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