May 03, 2009

Earn 1$/day from Adsence within one month from a new blog

By: niroshan86

Article writing is King for traffic. More traffic means more earnings.

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Traffic can be increased by article writing and promoting those. According to my experience adsense is the best way to earn money. These articles are not only my ideas but also my experience which I have gained thus far. I start earning 1$/day from my first blog .

As a beginning write 5 quality articles for your newly created blog. If you have quality articles then there are no of methods to promote your blog and article. Then you can start earning and it will not be a problem.

So start your writing articles now.

* Step 1 - Write 5 good quality articles

* Step 2 - Placement of Google Ads

* Step 3 - Social bookmarking

* Step 4 - Article submission

* Step 5 - Forum commenting and signature

* Step 6 - Do-follow blog commenting

* Step 7 - Directory submission

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Step 1 - Start writing articles

Select a topic

The Quality of your article depends on your topic. That is why you should choose good a topic for your article. When you select a topic, consider these important factors…

* You have to make the reader want to click that link.

* It should be related to your article.

* It should be enticing, and it should let the reader know what
to expect. Bonus if it uses strong keywords that people do searches for every day.

* Title should be catchy- no need for a long one, 5-6 words is enough.

* Use basic language that anyone can understand.

* Good content help to you increase your traffic from article writing

Find a good niche

Your purpose may be to earn money from google adsense. So that you should worry about the niche. If simply say niche means the titles which are going to use. For some advertisements google pay high amount of money. For example google pay high amount of money for Degree program ads and Insurance ads. But the problem is that kind of web pages you can’t promote easily and can’t expect good traffic from article.

Google ads are given according to your article and words which in your article. If you willing to take Electronic Degree program ads from Google, include that sentence (Electronic Degree program) no of times in your article. So keep in mind niche is important for good income.

High paying niches

* Insurance

* Degree program

* Forex

* Weight loss and health

* make money

Find a keyword

If you choose good niche, you have to choose keyword for your article because most visitors can expect from search engine. If you use keywords like ‘free e-book’ you can’t expect your web page is shown within first 100 google result pages. But you can use long tail keywords.

For example if you use ‘beginners guide free e-books’ this may have chance to come within first 10 google result pages. That is enough for a start. After that find a keyword that you can include no of time in your article. This will help it to be optimized in the search engines.

Now write your article


Consider the following points

* Interesting: If it is boring and does not hold your reader’s attention,he is going to hit the back button.

* Easy to read: Basic language that anyone can understand.

* Informative: The article has the information your reader was looking for. It solves a problem or answers a question.

* Concise: Most people on the web do a lot of skimming as opposed to careful reading. They’re usually turned off by gigantic chunks of text, which does not encourage skimming. Rambling kills readability, too.

* SEO friendly: This is more of a search engine thing than a people thing, which is why it comes last. Slipping in a few strong keywords can help it get found. Overdoing it makes your article an unreadable mess and could get you slapped around by Google this also help to increase your traffic from article writing.

re you writing the kind of content that will actually help people, or are you just putting up fluff in hopes that the search engines will send you enough traffic to get some accidental clicks. That is depending on your article writing ability. I suggest first one that is the most effective way to keep solid visitors.

Normal writing conventions suggest you should have 5-6 or more sentences per paragraph. Sentences should also be short and to the point. Avoid complex sentence structure and excessive commas. Dashes are your friend - they help emphasize points and break longer sentences up into smaller bits.

Work on extensive keyword research, good quality content and good interlinking (site structure) and then do some heavy directory and article submissions. This should put you in good stead. Don’t rely on getting quick traffic but this will enable you to hopefully achieve some solid targeted long-term traffic.

Human interest factors

* The article should have been written not only for the spiders but for actual readers as well who are browsing through the Internet to find “information”.
* The information that the article holds should not read as if it were neither some scholarly document nor a product manual. It should have some human touch to it—sense, humor, and most readers much like conversational articles. And please avoid technical jargons.
* Basically, if from the summary alone, I’d be barraged with wrong grammar and misspelled words, I would definitely not continue reading it. So be extra careful about these mistakes.
* Almost everything about the article should be enticing from the title down to the resource box.
* The article should possess an enigma which makes the reader go through it entirely.
* Shorter but meatier paragraphs are the way to go. Aside from people are more attracted to more white space, it would make the flow of the article more lively.
* After that what else

Now you have quality article next steps are easy than the article writhing… that is promoting your article. No of web pages waiting for your articles so start promoting….

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