April 22, 2009

What is PTC ?

Paid To Click (PTC) websites provide an easy way for members to earn a little extra cash, while bringing advertisers closer to members through guaranteed, targeted ads.

Pay to click is when advertisers pay a user to actually click on an ad to visit the advertiser's website.

Why do they do it? Let's say you have a website and you are planning on selling something. What do you need? Right, you need visitors to your web site. How are you going to make sales if you have no real visitors? It can take weeks, months or even longer to get a new website pushed up in the rankings in the better search engines. This is the point where many webmasters turn to pay-to-click programs.

But what is a PTC? PTC advertising means having your ads placed on different search engines and/or directories, then paying a set amount of money each time a visitor clicks on your ad. When you sign up to these PTC programs, you get paid to click on ads and visit websites. The process is easy; usually they will provide ~ 10 ads per day for you to visit. You simply click on a link and view a website for ~30 seconds to earn money. Regular price for one visited website is $ 0.01 cent
At least 20 ads per day, your referrals will earn for you ~25% more, you will receive ~25% more by visiting advertiser's website, priority payments. To increase your income faster you can refer your friends or buy referrals at the site. Combined with premium memberships, your profits will grow much faster.

STEP BY STEP Paid to Click (PTC)
Step #1: Be sure to have your own email. If you don't have one, get a free email at yahoo.com or gmail.com

Step #2: Register at alertpay.com or/and Paypal.com(this is where most PTCs will pay you)

Step #3: Register a FREE account at the PTC programs/sites below. Just click the banners to register for FREE.

Step #4: Login to your PTC programs and start earning by clicking on the ads and viewing it (wait for the check mark to be sure you got paid for your click)

Step #5: Make the clicking and viewing of ads a daily habit (all it takes is 1-2 hours a day depends on how many PTCs you joined)

Step #6: Refer others to join under you. If you want, you can copy my ad. Just change the referral links in the banners. Be PATIENT. Keep on clicking.

Step #7: Cashout your earnings when you reach minimum payout.

Step #8: Enjoy your money and spend it wisely!

List of PTC Sites :
# Neobux
# Performan Cebux
# Smithbux
# Shortbux
# Palmbux
# valuebux.com
# Prosper Bux
# Isabel Marco

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