April 23, 2009

Submit Your Url

Author: Deborah L

If you haven't already learned to repeatedly click "Submit URL" and even conditioned yourself to look for the text link "Submit URL" everywhere you go, then I'm glad you found this page.

Submitting your website to directories and other websites for backlinks is crucial to getting your site ranked highly in search engines.

Here is a substantial list of places to go to submit your URL for free to get you started: http://www.seo4one.com/submit_your_url. I suggest submitting your website to 20-30 directories in a day AT THE MOST. Spread it out over a few weeks or months.

A link back to your website from another site suggests to search engines that they trust you and are promoting your site. The more backlinks you have throughout the internet from respected websites (preferably with higher ranking than your own) the better. However keep in mind that search engines prefer your backlinks grow slowly because it appears more natural, which is why I recommend taking your time.

You will see gradual improvement in your ranking over time, but you WILL see improvement. Most directory links don't expire until they break (either your website goes down or the directory does) so you are setting yourself up for long term success by making link building through reputable directories a habit and sticking with it on a daily basis at first, a weekly basis later.

Do some research here and prioritize directory backlinks as follows:

1. Directories that are specific to your website's niche or topic are absolutely the best. Even smaller sites that aren't as mature or ranked as highly as some big general directories are more valuable if their front page contains all of your same keywords and very closely relevant content to your own. (these are even valuable if they require reciprocal links.)

2. Highly ranked, large directories that offer one-way links from a category that is specific to your niche or topic are almost as good as a niche directory, but not quite.

3. Directories that are large and highly ranked, but require reciprocal links. Reciprocal links are links that you put on the front page of your website to promote the directory (or other website) in return. Too many irrlevant links (links to directories, for instance, when your website topic is not related to search engine directories) can hurt your website. A few irrelevant reciprocal links are ok, but try to keep 90% of the links on your site or more related to your topic...don't get carried away. And keep the number of backlinks coming into your website higher than the number of outgoing links from your website - because that's the point.

4. Links with a short expiration date. If your listing will only last a month or less, then you might be back to the site resubmitting your expired URL listing before a search engine even finds you there. I don't know about you, but I hate doing something twice that I could have done just once.

5. Directories that are small, uncategorized, irrelevant to your website's topic and require reciprocal links won't do anything for you. Pay for advertising before you bother wasting time with these.

Making your links look "natural" to search engines is the goal. Here are three things a search engine thinks a naturally popular website will look like "in the wild":

1. It will have backlinks from various types of websites, not just big ones, little ones, old ones or new ones, not just blogs, not just directories, etc. Popular websites will be linked to from practically everyone, everywhere.

2. It will grow in popularity over time, so some of the backlinks to the site will be old and some will be new.

3. The backlinks will have the website's keywords in the link text and description, but they will not all be the same (optimize your links and descriptions with your site's main keywords, but don't copy and paste the link description from one site to another, change it up some).

About the Author:

Deborah is a professional SEO and internet marketing consultant based in Fort Worth, TX. She can be contacted directly through her website at www.seo4one.com. You can find more of her SEO and internet marketing articles and resources there for free as well.

Article Source: ArticlesBase.com - Submit Your Url

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