October 21, 2010

Internet Marketing Business Skills

Internet marketing business skills are crucial for the skillful operation of an Internet business. This article is about Internet marketing business skills.

An Internet business can have almost everything: advertising, management personnel, traffic, customers, traffic, conversions, and a great product or service.

If, however, key Internet marketing business skills are lacking, the success of the company can be undermined. With every strong, skillfully-run web business, not only will you find a good product, you’ll also find personnel with a range of well-developed Internet marketing business skills.

The goal of this article is to reveal what the major Internet marketing skills are, as well as give you some resources you can go to. By following the advice in this article, you and your staff will be able to better understand the abilities that a business needs to succeed.

Now, because you’re reading this, chances are that you’re in a leadership position at your company. As such, Internet marketing leadership skills are also necessary for you and key members of your company. We’ve taken this into account, too.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

Internet Marketing Business Skill #1: Persuasion, Copywriting, Salesmanship

This skill is listed first because a lot of successful Internet business owners say that the art of persuading people to do something is the most important skill you can learn. More specifically, the skill of copywriting, which is salesmanship in print, is the most important ability to have.

Some business owners, such as Alex Goad, feel so strongly about this that they choose to focus primarily on the skill of copywriting, and hire others with various Internet marketing job skills to perform the tasks that the other skills require.

Copywriting is such an important and specialized skill that professional copywriters have commanded great sums of money to write advertising material and sales content for a variety of marketing promotions.

You can learn more about copywriting and sales from Michel Fortin and the late Gary Halbert.

Internet Marketing Business Skill #2: The Ability To See The Battlefield

Mark Joyner, whom some credit as being one of the first widely successful Internet marketers, has said that the most distinguishing trait of a leader is the ability to see the battlefield. This means that not only do you have to have a good bird’s-eye view of your project or business, you also have to see how each part affects all the other parts.

You have to be able to know that, if something doesn’t happen here, it’s going to have such and such an effect elsewhere, which will lead to another effect, and so on. You have to know your market, your prospect, and your business model inside-out. This skill will give you the ability to make successful decisions about where to take your business or how to move forward when a certain situation arises.

Internet Marketing Business Skill #3: Discipline

One of the biggest downfalls of serial entrepreneurs is that they start a project, then think of another project, start that project, then think of another idea, and so on…never really finishing the first project they started.

The ability to focus on something and see it through is critical for the long-term success of a business or project.

Discipline is especially important when you have outsourced employees, or those who work from home. Your Internet marketing management skills will consist more of communicating with the workers whom you can’t even see, and might not have ever met before. You have to trust that they’ll be disciplined and reliable, and you can ask that they send you daily reports of the exact work that they did.

Internet Marketing Business Skill #4: Good, Sound Judgment

Not only do the business leaders have to be skilled at assessing a situation and making a decision, so do the members of the rest of the team. Managers have to know what the overall goal is, and manage their teams in a way that meets the needs of their personnel, while still furthering the goals of the company.

Internet Marketing Business Skill #5: Traffic Generation

It’s been said a number of times that there are basically 2 things that all Internet businesses need to succeed: traffic and conversion. We touched on conversion by talking about copywriting and persuading prospects to buy your products or service.

But first, you have to get them there, and that’s where traffic generation comes in.

Now, the subject of traffic generation can fill volumes, and it’s beyond the scope of this article to go into specifics of website traffic generation. Having said that, let it be known that you definitely need to have people who are skilled at bringing you traffic.

In general, Internet advertising business skills come into play here. You need the ability to get traffic to your site, whether it comes from SEO, article marketing, video promotions…there are many ways to get traffic to your site.

Internet Marketing Business Skill #6: Research Skills

This is a big one, and it can really make the difference between promoting a product that people really want, or disasterously creating and promoting a product that you think people want, but really don’t.

There are many types of research that your staff can be skilled at: R and D, product research, market research, demographic research, prospect research, and keyword research are some that come to mind. Not all businesses will need to be equally skilled at all of these, but it’s important to know the research capacity of your business.

So, those are some of the key Internet marketing skills that you and your staff will have to have to run a business.

Internet Marketing Training

Although there are many places where you can find training that pertains to all aspects of Internet marketing, try to find a staff that’s genuinely interested in Internet marketing. That way, it’ll be easier to train them. This site offers a wealth of Internet marketing knowledge and profiles many Internet marketing experts.

Now, what if you’re a one-man or one-woman business? That’s fine, and even great, because there are many who have succeeded without needing all the skills listed here. You still, however, have to find a good training product that will tell you everything you need to succeed. Insiders HQ is one of the many products we’ve reviewed on this site. Insiders HQ is a long-term affiliate training program.

Internet Marketing Business Skills: Article Conclusion

In conclusion, we hope you’ve discovered the many skills that can be required of an Internet business, depending on the size, goals, and scope of that business. It takes training and time to develop the abilities behind a skilled marketing staff. The links in this article take you to some very good resources that you’ll find helpful. We hope you’re now a lot more knowledgeable about this subject, and have some idea about where to go to develop your staff’s set of Internet marketing business skills.

source: http://promotedprofits.com/internet-marketing-business-skills

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