October 28, 2010

Email Marketing from your system by Email Marketing Software Express

Internet marketing success always depends on effective email marketing, search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Start email marketing today by Email Marketing Software Express for Internet business.

The best and must needed marketing for any kind of product or service is email marketing. This works from day one of your online business. Direct email marketing is one of the powerful online marketing solutions for any kind of business or products. You need powerful email marketing software to deliver your valuable newsletters to your subscribers.

Email Marketing process starts
from managing email lists from various sources with simple subscription / unsubscription process into reporting and bounced mail extraction.

Email Marketing Software Express can collect emails from outlook contacts, inbox folders, local folders, online URLs, online subscription manager and SMTP accounts.

Step 1: Configure your email account settings from your Email Marketing Software Express installed on your system. You are going to see your email marketing delivery process on your system in the next couple of steps.

Step 2: Before creating your email message, you have to collect targeted recipient email list from your subscription resources and name it. You may backup this list for future references. Run your verifier and validate to make sure that the list contains valid email ids. Install free subscription manager on your website if you need more control on your mailing list.

Step 3: Create your announcements or newsletters in message editors (HTML or TEXT). Text mails are more SPAM free than HTML emails.

Step 4: Create your campaign by selecting the list created in Step 2 and Message created in Step 3. Now you are ready to run your email marketing campaign on your system.

Step 5. Click Update Online to upload your entire email list into your free subscription manager. Click start to run the campaign. You can see the email counts of delivered list. Once finished, click on the report to view how many mails are delivered and bounced. You can also view how many recipients opened your email with date and time when it was read.

There are lot of downloadable email marketing software tools with similar online email marketing features available in the market with affordable cost. This kind of direct email marketing tools are more reliable than online based products as it will run on your desktop, so that you can see what is actually happening during email delivery process.

Good luck for your email marketing.

You can find more details about email marketing at www.epractizelabs.com/email-marketing/email-marketing-software.h ..
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