October 16, 2010

7 Tips To Cope With The Shortcomings Of PayPal

By: iqbal

In previous articles, I have written several shortcomings of PayPal. The purpose of that article was not to discredit or disfigure to PayPal’s service. But that’s only exposure or potential problems that might exist in PayPal. I didn’t mean to frighten PayPal users. Personally I still use PayPal and I am glad to use it.

By knowing the lacks of PayPal, we expected to be more careful in using PayPal. We should Deficiencies in order to to minimize the risk so that we can still do our business online. On this occasion I will write some explanation about the lacks PayPal and quick tips on how to cope with those matters.
7 Tips to overcome the lacks of PayPal :
1. Follow the rules properly and correctly
Rules in PayPal is made to manage each user's PayPal. Rules were made certainly not without reason. This is useful both for buyers and sellers who use PayPal as a payment tool. Instead, hmm ... more precisely, we should read the rules properly and carefully. Knowing every detail of the rule and identify potential problems that might arise from these rules. By following the PayPal rule, we will get own safe and comfortable using PayPal.

2. Have a valid credit card
As we have seen, PayPal requires the user to enter credit card verification process. This card was originally used for verification, the validation process of user's name and address of PayPal. The next credit card will be used as a source of funds for financing the purchase or sending money. But actually, we can verify with the VCC. Until now, VCC is a quick and easy way to verify for PayPal users who do not have a credit card or are afraid to use a credit card.

It is important to know the shortcomings and weaknesses of the use of VCC. Do not get stuck with an ad that simply exposing the strength of VCC without the weakness and potential problems that may result in the future.

3. Keeping your login information
We should maintain the confidentiality of our PayPal account. Do not share this information with anyone for any reason. Do not let our account is misused by people who are not responsible which would harm our own.

4. Always be careful with email teaser (phishing)
Undeniably so many teaser emails (phishing) that on behalf of PayPal which aims to take our PayPal login information. Recognize the original email and name where the fake email. Thus, our PayPal account will remain safe and we can use as appropriate.

5. Finding alternative ways to add fund in PayPal
The process of "add funds" can only be done from U.S. Bank. But we can fill a PayPal account by following a few programs that use the PayPal payment method.

6. Withdraw the old process
Shortage is inevitable. This situation is beyond the capacity of PayPal users. The fastest way to withdraw is by selling PayPal balance. But back to the basic rule, these activities are prohibited and our PayPal account can be frozen. If you are forced to do this, do it with people who could be trusted and do not be too obvious.

7. Learn PayPal more details
We should learn PayPal more details. Why use PayPal if you're required to expose your credit card? PayPal is used as a credit card’s information safeguard so that our credit card would not be exposed to all merchants.

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