May 03, 2009

SEO Help about choosing the right platform for your site

By: Nicolas Prudhon

Why you should use Wordpress as framework.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a secret knowledge. The truth is that there's no "secret" to be number 1 in the search engines. Yes, there's some basic knowledge you must acquire to implement SEO for your site, but you can find this knowledge everywhere and for free.

The main problem with SEO is not that it's difficult to do or implement, but rather that it's time consuming. Clearly, the more time you spend on doing optimization, the less time you have on producing quality content which is key element to our search engine optimization strategy.

This is why we are looking for tools and support to optimize our productivity, and the most important one, starts not with the list, not with the submitters, but the platform you are going to use to support your website!

Wordpress is the most powerful tool you'll ever acquire in your SEO arsenal.

Wordpress (self-hosted version) is simply the best platform for you site. It cumulates the advantages and power of traditional websites, and blogs. That's right, when designing your site with Wordpress, you can make it looks like a normal blog, or you can make it looks like a website. The template system makes it very easy to change designs, and the wide range of existing templates available for download free makes it all the more attractive.

Blogging is now a key element of effective SEO, and it couldn't be done easier than with Wordpress. Of course people who don't care at all about blogging will still benefit greatly of the Wordpress platform, but its real power comes when you realize what's behind the curtains of Wordpress:

* Ultra powerful blogging platform. Extremely easy to create or edit posts, manage categories, archives, comments. You name it, Wordpress can do it. And if it doesn't do it yet, it will soon as it is regularly upgraded.

* Fully customizable templates. That's right; you have access to the full source code of Wordpress and the templates. Use them as they are or if you are a bit tech yourself, dive into the code and make it be the way you like!

* Wide range of free professional templates. You are not techie at all? No problem, Wordpress is a turnkey blogging solution! Just browse their template directory where thousands of users create templates for others like you and me to use for free. And don't be mistaken, most of these template are very well designed and SEO prepared!

* Widget enabled. We all talk about WEB 2.0, stop talking about it or listening others talking about it. Start implementing it right now with the widgets enable platform of Wordpress!

* Tons of free plugins. Wordpress has a bank of plugins to improve your SEO work that is totally breathtaking. With those plugins, you can do everything and anything, including creating sitemaps and automatically ping servers, filter spam, manage Adsense code, stream videos, etc...

* RSS and Ping services in-build. Syndication is just so easy with Wordpress that you don't even need to know what it is or how it works! It's all done automatically. You can even create your own ping list so that each time to publish a new article; all the listed servers will be automatically notified. Talk about time saving!

* SEO optimized navigation system. With Wordpress, you are free to design your navigation system. You decide how the links appear as well as their structure.

* Favored by search engines for quick listing. Wordpress is so well optimized by itself for the search engines, than pretty much regardless of what you do and your knowledge or ignorance of SEO, you'll get listed in the Search Engines within a few days even without submitting your website anywhere! Talk about a SEO advantage!

* Huge users' community support. All of this is good, but what if you got a problem with Wordpress or don't understand something? Don't worry, the users' community is so huge that you'll get support and help from everybody in the blink of an eye!

* Free. Oh yes, did I mentioned it before? Wordpress is 100% free! That's right, nothing to pay ever, just download it, upload it to your server and enjoy!

Of course you are free to try to do and implement all those things by yourself on your own site, but honestly and especially considering that Wordpress is totally free to download and use; shouldn't you rather focus your time on creating high quality SEO content for your site?

To your success!

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