May 15, 2009

Google AdSense Is Not Dead, It's Actually Still Alive and Kicking

By: Kurt Howard

A report came out recently claiming that AdSense is dead! I found this hard to believe since my personal AdSense business is actually gaining ground each month and making me more and more money.

After reading this report I figured out what it is all about and found several discrepancies in the authors reasoning. The report claims that the author�s own AdSense income has been falling sharply in recent months. However, if you read the report closely you will notice several flaws in the author�s thinking.

The first major flaw is that the author was building AdSense sites with auto generation software. Well, there�s the reason for his decline in AdSense earnings! Anyone who builds AdSense sites knows that Google is on a mission to rid the internet of spam and junk sites that add no value to the internet. They are de indexing auto generation sites at a feverish pave. Auto generated sites simply do not work anymore (when was the last time you heard of someone using Traffic Equalizer?).

Many people have brought this point up and the author�s response was that the quality of your site only affects the traffic you receive and not the amount of money you receive per click from AdSense. This is a valid statement; however, it is only a half truth. Junk sites won�t affect you click value but they will affect your click through rate. When a visitor lands on an auto generated site the first thing they do is hit the �back button� on their web browser. Therefore, junk sites are losing traffic and have low click through rates, a recipe for disaster when it comes to making money with Google AdSense and a quick way to have your AdSense earnings tumble!

Let�s say you receive 5000 visitors a month and you are earning $1.00 per click from AdSense. If you build quality sites and your click through rate is 10% you will receive 500 clicks and earn around $500. Now, let�s imagine that you build junk sites and you still receive the same 5000 visitors but now your click through rate drops to 2%. You will receive only 100 clicks and make $100. Your income just dropped $400, which is most likely what happened to the author of this report.

The author of this report was technically right that AdSense is dead�if you are building junk sites. If you want to build a solid AdSense business that makes you money month after month, you need to create quality websites with unique content. Don�t rely on making spam sites that do nothing for your visitor and will get de indexed by Google. Build your business on solid ground and not quick sand.

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