May 02, 2009

Google Adsense Is An Excellent Way For Webmasters To Earn Money

By: doctorsaab

Google AdSense is an excellent way for webmasters to earn money. Regrettably though, many webmasters are not earning anywhere near what they could earn because they fail to grasp the true earning potential of relevant keywords. In this article you will discover the importance of using relevant keywords in your site's content to maximize your Google AdSense Earnings.
Hopefully, you already have a clue to the importance of using relevant keywords in your sites content and are not among those webmasters who have come to believe that by reworking their site's content to include only high paying keywords that they can thus influence Google into posting only high paying click ads on their site. like as The fallacy with this thinking is that visitors are not inclined to click on an ad simply because it contains high paying keywords that are going to make you a lot of money. On the contrary, whenever a visitor clicks on an ad, it usually is because the ad is relevant to your site's content.
For that reason you should choose your keywords carefully to reflect what your site is about. Relevance should be the only criterion for keyword selection, not making the most per clicks. For example, if your site is about giving away free poems, try looking at your site through the eyes of a visitor who is interested in grabbing up some free poems. What would such a visitor expect to see? For sure they would expect to see offers of free poems, and possibly offers of books for sell containing poetry, and maybe Offers to buy pictures of famous poets, and other assorted offers that have to do with poetry.
To get some ideas about what products and accessories is available and the relevant keywords used by other webmasters to sell those products, you can research the product and its keywords on Google. for more details While there are several available paid tools to accomplish this, a tool that works equally well to get you started is a free tool on the Google AdWords site. Just type in your keyword and the tool will present you with alternate and relevant keywords and variations.

In this article you have discovered that relevance is the criterion to use in keyword selection and that by using relevant keywords you can maximize your Google AdSense Earnings by driving targeted traffic to your website that is more inclined to click on Google AdSense Ads because they are relevant to what your site is about.

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