April 26, 2009

Web Design Tips - Optimize Your Website For Success

By R Black

Perhaps the most strong impression of your website your visitors will get is the design of your webpages. Everything they see and interact with will either give a good or bad impression of your site. This is affected by two different factors; the visual look of your site and also the usability and functionality. You need to make sure you have the best image possible. Follow these guidelines to make sure your website is well designed one:

- Make the content easy to find. Make sure you put the useful information and content that your website visitors came here for in a place that is easy to navigate to. People will not want to click on link after link to find what they are looking for. The rule is that the less clicks people have to make, the more satisfied they will be. If you are selling something, then you are more likely to make a sale with less clicks.

- Make sure you can get to every page on your site just by clicking links. For example, if you are on any page in your site, you should be able to get to your home page by liking a link. This makes it easy for your actual visitors and also for Google's spiders to crawl your site.

- Don't make your pages too busy. Don't put off your visitors by having too much content on one page, especially not with adverts. Putting too many adverts on a page will actually decrease the click through rate. Less ads will draw the visitors attention to them more readily.

- Test your links. This is a really easy step that will help you avoid irritating your visitors. It takes just a few minutes to discover whether or not people can actually get around your site.

- Choose a color scheme and stick to it. You don't want bright, clashing colors distracting people from the content of your webpages. Using colors is fine, but subtle shades are the way to go.

- Make navigation easy. Include a navigation bar at the top and/or side of your pages. Include the most popular and useful links inside of them

- Images make your content much more interesting. Pictures are worth a thousand words, so make sure you make use of them to illustrate your points better

- Make sure you don't put too many images or images with a high file size into your pages as this will increase the load time. People generally don't wait for more than 5 or 6 seconds for a page to load before they give up so make sure all of your images are optimized.

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