January 10, 2008

How to Start Making at Least $5 Everyday or More

Author: Watson Fru N

Before you start reading this article, I would like to let you know one thing. Just like any other online money making method, it is always rather easier said than done. You should be ready to put in some work if you intend to use this method in making money online.

You can perform a search query on the numerous online forums. There have been hundreds and hundreds of post just asking how to make $5 a day, which is why I am writing this article.

Instead of worrying about making fast money, it would be better to focus your mind on what your strengths really are (for example Writing, Marketing, Forum Posting, Graphic Design, web design, you name the rest). Once you have an inventory of these strengths, focus on two skills to really hone, and then market you on the BST section on the internet. I propose forums for the start

Offer honest, quality product/service, and you'll see something way more than $5/day.

Now I'll get a little more precise on how you can make $5/day just using the internet:

1- Pick up writing of articles to be the main service that you provide.
2- Begin practicing your writing skill is top-notch. Make sure you know how to write as good a possible. The faster the better and the more chances will be that you will make money online.
3- Write one article of 500 words for $.01 (thus, $5/day) OR 2 articles of 250 words for $2.50/each. You get the idea here. Depending on how strong your writing skills are, you should be able to produce an excellent article in one hour, at the very most. Over time, you will reduce that time and become more efficient.

Even more, I'd say if your writing skills are very excellent, you can charge more for your $/rate. If you succeed to build up your reputation and standing, you'll find people coming to you for your service, and not you going after them struggling to advertise.

As you can see, you could easily meet, and exceed, your daily $5 goals very easily, as well with little effort and time.

About the Author:

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