April 21, 2009

How Can I Earn Money From Affiliate Marketing?

By: arjunvishalz

Affiliate Marketing - WOW!

We see it everywhere on the Internet in our emails and on forums and Social Media websites.

In fact it has been around for quite a long while yet many people are clueless to what it is about, or just how one can earn money let alone make an income from it at the comfort of your home.

Fast forward to present day, we see tons and tons of them being fiercely advertised and we see many ordinary folks like you and me earning an income from it.

1) Let me go into depth what is Affiliate Marketing. It is a co-exist relationship between you and a merchant where you help promote the merchant's website on the Internet by driving traffic (Customers) to purchase their services or products. For more details go to: www.boost-website-traffic.com.In this arrangement you are paid a Commission whenever a purchase has been made.

2) It has become very popular for Internet Marketers to become Affiliate Marketers as the commission one is able to earn from the Merchant ranges from 5% - 75%. With this attractive payout many Internet Marketers form partnerships with merchants all over the Internet and help promote their products and services. For can visit to: www.money-secret-exposed.com. Many Affiliate Marketers join the well known companies like ClickBank, Amazon and many others out there to promote their products as the companies have strong and reliable branding and services such as payment processors and customer support.

There are 2 kinds of paid commission an Affiliate Marketer can earn:

A) A one time payment where after the sale is made you are paid your commission or
B) A recurring payment where you are paid monthly for the rest of your life.

For example Merchant A pays a commission of $100 whenever a sale is made. Once completed you get paid $100 and have to create another sale to earn another $100 again.

Merchant B gives a commission of $20 whenever a sale is made and on top of that, after ONE sale is made, you are continuously being paid a recurring income of $20 every month from Merchant B. This kind of payment usually derives from a membership service.

As you can see one would choose Merchant B and be an Affiliate but it really depends on the products and services that Merchant B is offering. Some Affiliate Marketers may prefer to go with Merchant A as his services or products may appeal to a better group of customers.

Before you embark on your journey to earning a full time income as an Affiliate Marketer at home, do your research, seek out a good company with good products that are in demand or services and promote them by driving traffic to the Merchants website.

May you have fun learning and promoting your Affiliate services and products. The rewards will come as they are waiting for you. Good Luck...

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